XCITE™ 120, 200 & 400 Airmix® Spray Gun

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XCITE™ 120, 200 & 400 Airmix® Spray Gun

The Xcite™ Airmix® manual paint spray gun delivers outstanding performance with unsurpassed finish quality for a quick payback. It is available in 3 pressure ranges: 120, 200 & 400 bar (1740-2900-5400psi) to meet every application. The Xcite™ is HVLP paint sprayer compliant.

Unsurpassed atomization for superior performance

Product savings & environmental protection
Unsurpassed atomization quality of spraying
Ergonomically designed for outstanding performance

- Large tip selection with dedicated X-tra™ Fine Finish tips for water-based material with wide choice of flow rates and fan width patterns
- Job repeatability with our selection of tips that are individually tested to guarantee a consistent pattern
- Unsurpassed finishing quality and outstanding transfer efficiency with VX24 HVLP aircap
- Built-in filter with high filtration capacity to avoid tip blockage and minimize pressure loss

- EZ Adjust Aircap to facilitate the rotation of the head from horizontal to vertical spray
- Fluid inlet with or without swivel fitting for low torque effort minimizing operator fatigue
- Light paint gun and ergonomic design for comfortable fit and feel
- Built-in hook to keep the paint gun near the workstation
- Large amplitude of the fan width adjustment for time savings; no need to change the tip

- Ergonomic paint gun trigger pull with minimal force
- Increased operator safety with trigger lock and aircap protection
- Anodized body with laser engraving not affected by exposure to solvents
- Construction built to last and compatible with all types of materials (even water-based with stainless steel fluid passage and Rulon® sealing)
- Double seal technology to prevent aircap leakage and paint return on the air circuit

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