INOCART-NDT Complete Manual Powder Package

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INOCART-NDT Complete Manual Powder Package

The Inocart NDT is a simple and complete manual solution for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT). Using the Inogun M spray gun and the Inobox control module enhances the user's experience. It contains a user-friendly interface with advanced ergonomic functions to help maintain the focus on the developer powder application.


Very low and stable powder flow (as low as 3g/mn): Exclusive pressure tank
Efficient powder transfer: TEC5 technology
Easy to operate: Less than 2 minutes from training to production

- Constant and stable spray pattern for smooth and even developer application
- Well-balanced gun for easy maneuvering
- TEC5 technology delivers high-quality finish
- Three factory presets for quick start. 99 customer presets available to meet production requirements
- Quick and easy adjustment of the Inobox height for easy information reading
- Capable of very low and regular flow with low speed due to the pressure tank
- No puffing

- Powerful cascade providing a strong wraparound effect
- High transfer efficiency to reduce process time
- Advanced HV control for excellent penetration of complex-shaped parts
- Simple and instant control of the powder flow rate by shutter lift
- Self-locking hook to store and maintain the gun
- Dedicated foot rest to easily move the Inocart

- Unsurpassed cascade performance lifetime
- All wear parts are monitored on the controller to encourage proper preventative maintenance
- Designed for industrial use
- Built with proven high-quality components
- 2+1 years warranty *

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