SFlow™ 275 & 450 Airless® Spray Gun

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SFlow™ 275 & 450 Airless® Spray Gun

The SFlow™ is an Airless® paint sprayer used for applying protective coatings and is available in 275 and 470 bar (4000 & 6820 psi) pressures. This gun delivers real product savings for industrial applications. The ergonomic design offers flexibility in extreme conditions and is ideal for handling high solid content paints and high rich zinc primers.


High transfer efficiency of 81%
Good atomization quality
Designed for high duty industrial applications

- Reliable & repeatable spraying quality: high-end tungsten carbide tip tested
- Embedded patented dedicated tool for quick filter changes
- Large choice of flat, Skill™ or reversible tips to meet your requirements
- Enhanced security: Trigger lock, tip lock, and hand safety protection

- Fatigue-free, (2) or (4) finger trigger to fit every painters' needs
- Ergonomic design with comfortable grip to prevent any RSI.
- Built-in hook allows you to keep the gun near the work station
- Swivel fitting for better maneuverability
- Smart lock: quick & easy tip orientation and positioning

- Large filtration hand filter area: available in PA or stainless steel to prevent any tip plugging
- Material flow from inside to outside of the filter for easier maintenance.
- Patented trigger guard: acts as a wrench, a filter extractor and helps to remove trigger.

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