S3-G HTi Airspray Spray Gun

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S3-G HTi Airspray Spray Gun

The S3 G is our most compact and ligth gravity gun designed for tight area applications and where touch-ups are required. S3 G HTI is the least energy consuming gun, and is HVLP compliant.

Very high transfer efficiency
Outstanding atomization quality for low viscosity products
Improved ergonomics: light and compact gun and small cup (0.25L)

- Very fine atomization for low viscosity products
- Perfectly balanced fan for easy application

- Ergonomic due to a very comfortable body design
- EZ-Adjust aircap for easy rotation adjustment
- Reduced trigger effort due to its in-line air valve
- One of the lightest manual spray guns in its category & perfectly balanced: reducing repetitive strain injuries (RSI)
- Large range of projectors (aircap + nozzle + needle) & stainless steel fluid passages (compatible with a large range of solvent and water-based materials) allowing it to be used for all kinds of applications

- Designed from high-end materials (stainless steel, anodized forged aluminum body, brass) in conjunction with SAMES KREMLIN's machined projectors (aircaps + nozzle + needle) ensure extended product life
- Reduction in the number of components makes for easy and quick maintenance

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