Nanogun+ Airmix® Electrostatic Spray Gun

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Nanogun+ Airmix® Electrostatic Spray Gun

Sames's know how in tip design and skills in electrostatic paint application have been gathered in the Nanogun+ Airmix® to offer the best for spraying liquid solvent-based materials at medium pressures in many markets.

Electrostatic effect combined to Airmix® atomization raises up the transfer efficiency to an unreached level of 93%
Excellent material distribution and fine particle size control for outstanding finishing quality
Lightweight and enhanced ergonomics for increased operators' comfort

- Automatic control of high voltage to maintain constant paint charge for unmatched Transfer Efficiency of 93%
- Independent settings for perfect process control
- Optimal wrap-around and penetration effects for unrivaled paint savings with BOTH high current and high voltage
- High-quality coverage and regular thickness for outstanding finishing application
- Wide range of viscosities and type of solvent based materials to cover all product specifications at reduced costs

- Air and paint flows easily adjustable with intuitive knobs
- Spray change from flat to round type is fast and simple
- High quality tungsten carbide tips, individually tested, with repeatable spraying application
- High Voltage triggered when needle moves: no pressure sensor for higher safety
- GNM 6080 control module provides smart diagnostics for improved maintenance
- Lightweight and enhanced ergonomics for increased operators' comfort

- Quick Disconnect for enhanced maintenance
- External Paint Circuit with simplified access for replacement
- Reduced Total Cost of Ownership with around 30% less wearable parts than market standards
- Reliable quality of raw materials and components for tough use and long lifetime

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