Nanogun+ Airspray Electrostatic Spray Gun

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Nanogun+ Airspray Electrostatic Spray Gun

The Nanogun+ Airspray is specially designed for spraying liquid solvent-based materials at low pressures in many markets. Its lightweight and its ergonomic design make it the best choice for the operators to improve their comfort.

High Transfer Efficiency for unrivaled paint savings
Optimum Coverage for outstanding finishing application
The Lightest electrostatic gun for the comfort of the operators​

- Automatic control of high voltage to maintain constant paint charge for higher Transfer Efficiency
- Optimal wrap-around and penetration effects for unrivaled paint savings with BOTH high current and high voltage
- High-quality coverage and regular thickness for outstanding finishing application
- Wide range of viscosities to cover all product specifications at reduced costs

- Air and paint flows easily adjustable with intuitive knobs
- Spray change from flat to round type is fast and simple
- High Voltage triggered when needle moves – no pressure sensor for higher safety
- GNM 6080 control module provides smart diagnostics for improved maintenance
- The lightest electrostatic gun of the market

- Quick disconnect for enhanced maintenance
- External paint circuit with simplified access for replacement
- Coil fluid hose to allow safe application of metallic paints
- Reduced Total Cost of Ownership with around 30% less wearable parts than market standards
- Reliable quality of raw materials for tough use and long lifetime

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