NanoBell-803 Automatic Electrostatic Rotary Bell Atomizer

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NanoBell-803 Automatic Electrostatic Rotary Bell Atomizer

The Nanobell 803 is a world-class electrostatic rotary bell atomizer designed for applying solvent or water-based coatings with internal/direct charge for General Industrial markets.


General Industry Premium Finishing
High Transfer Efficiency
Easy to Integrate, Operate and Maintain

- Patented NW (Narrow to Wide) air shrouds for unsurpassed transfer efficiency
- Renowned range of high-speed magnetic bell cups for uniform atomization
- High Voltage Unit properly scaled and controlled for outstanding wrap-around effect
- Brand new air motor T8 for High Rotation Speed allowing fine atomization

- The T8 air motor provides constant production with accurate flow and paint applications
- Optimized fluid circuits for incomparable application efficiency
- Simple spray head for easy operation without specific skills
- Lightweight and compact to fit on smaller systems and robots to keep productivity at its best.

- Soft body (free of notches & slots for paint) that is fast and easy to clean for improved maintenance
- Integrated 3D print technology for rigidity and robust operation
- Newly patented Nano5 valves are highly durable
- Patented magnetic fixing of bell cups ensures easy, fast, and safe installations

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