INOGUN-M Manual Powder Gun

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INOGUN-M Manual Powder Gun

The Inogun M sprayer gathers all SAMES KREMLIN's knowledge and expertise to provide the best of electrostatic technology for the manual application of powder.


Lifetime finish quality: Long life cascade durability and HV performance
Efficient powder transfer: TEC5 technology
Balanced and ergonomic design: No repetitive strain damage, less fatigue

- Outstanding comfort of use: well-balanced and comfortable handle grip
- Quick hose powder disconnection: quick color changes and rotation for flexibility
- Constant and stable spray for a smooth and even application
- TEC5 technology delivers high finish quality
- Three factory presets for quick start. 99 custom presets available to meet the most production requirements

- Advanced HV control for an excellent penetration of complex-shaped parts
- Wide range of adapted nozzles for optimal application
- Powerful cascade providing a strong wraparound effect
- Easy application of metallic powder
- Fast color change and cleaning
- High transfer efficiency to reduce working time

- Robust and sturdy design
- Wear part status monitoring imbedded in the INOBOX controller
- Very good abrasion resistance for nozzles
- 2+1 years warranty *

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