FPro-G GSP Airspray Spray Gun

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FPro-G GSP Airspray Spray Gun

FPro G is THE gravity spray gun that utilizes pressure to deliver very high finish quality for highly viscous materials with excellent operator comfort. The FPro GSP comes assembled or can be purchased in a kit format which is compatible for use in the industrial marketplace.


High quality spraying for viscous materials
Modular gun for a large range of applications
Ergonomic and robust design

- Very fine atomization for high viscosity materials
- Patent pending Vortex spin effect delivers perfect atomization
- Pressure in the cup for thick paints : up to 3000 cps
- Pressure regulator for higher spraying quality depending on the paint viscosity
- Three different adjustment knobs to get the perfect spray pattern in every condition
- Different choice of nozzles available
- Compatible with a large range of materials even UV paints

- Ergonomic design that is comfortable
- EZ-Adjust aircap for easy rotation adjustment without loosening the nut
- Pressure regulator can be adjusted for right or left handed painters
- The MAG-trigger is an innovative new technology that has the lightest trigger-pull in the market place.
- Improved trigger design to deliver greater comfort
- A kit is available that is compatible to work with the FPro G

- Robust and very accurate regulator
- Innovative anti-drip diaphragm to protect the cup lid from the paint
- Angle fitting for reduced hose strain
- FPro G and FPro GSP uses the same cup
- No dead zones for an easy cleaning
- Simplified maintenance due to spare parts being optimized
- Designed from high-end materials for long service life

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