FPro-G Airspray Spray Gun

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FPro-G Airspray Spray Gun

FPro G is THE gravity-fed spray gun solution to tackle material loss issues. Perfectly balanced, the FPro G provides superior finish for low viscosity materials. It delivers excellent comfort for all professional painters in the industrial markets.


High spraying quality
Modular gun for a large range of applications
Ergonomic and robust design

- Reduced overspray and perfectly balanced fan pattern
- Patent pending Vortex spin effect delivers perfect atomization
- Three different adjustment knobs to get the perfect spray pattern in every condition
- Large range of projectors for all applications
- Three atomization and aircap technologies available: Conventional, LVLP and HVLP
- Compatible with a large range of materials, even UV paints

- Ergonomic design with comfortable shape
- Redesigned center of gravity to avoid wrist and repetitive strain injuries
- EZ-Adjust aircap for easy rotation adjustment without loosening the nut
- MAG-trigger is the newest and innovative technology which delivers the lightest trigger pull in the market place.)
- Improved trigger design which delivers greater comfort for the painter

- New lid designed for frequent color changes and easy cleaning
- Patent pending anti-drip diaphragm and invisible vent system to protect the cup lid from the paint
- Angle fitting for reduced hose strain
- Large feeding choice: disposable cups or GSP kit for viscous application
- No dead zones for easy cleaning
- Optimization of spare parts inventory to simplify the maintenance
- Designed with high-end materials for longer life – less service

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