FPro-G Airspray Smart Cups

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FPro-G Airspray Smart Cups

Looking for a cleaner, faster, and more efficient solution for all your applications? The SMART cups range is the solution to fit your needs. SAMES KREMLIN now offers you disposable cups to make life easier for cleaning, mixing, and spraying with our gravity fed spray guns.


Perfect for frequent color changes
Improved spraying experience
Easier daily life

- Built-in filter available with 190µm or extra fine 125µm
- Conical design to improve flow rate and reduce dead zones
- The liner collapses evenly while spraying for stable fluid delivery: It is possible to spray in all directions and to check the paint level.
- Spherical bottom creates vortex when stirring for proper paint mixing
- Selection of ultra-light adapters
- Perforating tool inside the adapter: paint flows only when the cup in on the gun
- Reusable and graduated mixing cup with mix ratio scales

- Membrane included in the lid will assist with stopping leaks when the cup is turned upside down
- Two sizes of liners available to maximize your savings
- Ergonomic design : the liner is lighter than the normal cup
- Single-use cup to avoid contamination and for frequent color changes
- Fast locking system with only 2 clips
- Mix, spray and store in the same cup
- Wall dispensers available to store all accessories in the same place at eye level.

- Liner material compatible with a large range of materials
- Unitized lid and liner assembly: eliminate the hazard of coming apart during disposal
- Sealing plug to protect the paint for later use
- Designed for frequent color changes and an easy cleaning

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