Cyclomix™ Micro Airspray - Electronic 2K Mixing & Dosing

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Cyclomix™ Micro Airspray - Electronic 2K Mixing & Dosing

The Plural Component Electronic Mixing & Dosing System allows the user to dose, mix & continuously deliver two-component paints or adhesives.

Fresh material on demand
Elimination of manual mixing errors
Significant material savings

- Consistently precise mixed material due to the unique static mixer design and direct injection - inject mix technology
- Unsurpassed +/- 1% mixing accuracy
- Highly accurate performance due to 2 precise flowmeters

- Intuitive use - Touch-screen control
- Minimum material and solvent waste due to automatic flushing and material generation
- The operator can control the system while in the spray booth using the glass kit option

- Consistent product quality = Less rework cost
- Lower cost of ownership
- Reduces hazardous waste

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