CYCLIX 200 Drum Cover Agitators

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CYCLIX 200 Drum Cover Agitators

Cyclix gear drive agitators for open top 200 liter (55 gal) drum featuring a stainless steel cover mounted on a single post elevator for quick material changes.

Constant quality of mixed materials
Stainless steel wetted parts
High ROI - no product lost

- Bi-directional jack for fast lift of stainless steel agitator cover (3 positions available)
- Quick material change
- Stainless Steel slotted paddle impeller for high viscosity materials
- Lubricated air motor - compact with adjustable speed and safe operation

- User-friendly
- Agitator disengaged during elevator movement

- Stainless steel cover is compatible for all materials
- Suction and return tubes benefit suitable for re-ciculating

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