72C160 AZUR™ Airless® Pump - Stainless Steel

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72C160 AZUR™ Airless® Pump - Stainless Steel

Azur™ range is the recommended line for the protective coatings market. The pump will transfer material without compromising your finish quality whether you are using single component paints, pre-mixed 2K, zinc-rich materials, and other types of coatings.

High finishing protective coatings applications
Designed to operate well in harsh and intensive environments
Simple maintenance and comfortable to use

- Constant performance whatever the weather conditions: potential icing, high humidity, and extreme temperatures
- Fast pump changeover design to eliminate pulsation during spraying
- SST hydraulic section as standard (not carbon steel) compatible with new water-based coatings
- Minimal dead zones: Efficient and fast flushing (ideal for hot-potted 2K materials)

- Large 2in suction hose assembly to handle higher viscosities up to 30,000 cps (optional)
- Minimum downtime with quick hydraulic and foot valve knockdown and easy access to upper sealing
- Protected lubrication cup to prevent material contamination
- Storage compartment for convenient and easy access to accessories
- Easy to operate convenient gravity hopper (optional)

- Reduced noise pollution due to an enhanced air motor exhaust / muffler design
- Innovative throat packing design with self-adjusting V-packing seals for longer life (no manual packing gland adjustment required)
- Designed with fewer components for less inventory and user-friendly maintenance.

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