ASC Automatic Airless® Spray Gun

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ASC Automatic Airless® Spray Gun

The ASC automatic Airless® gun is a concentration of technologies in a compact and lightweight body. High quality materials make the ASC a highly productive and durable gun. SAMES KREMLIN's finishing technologies deliver premium Airless® applications.


Premium Airless® application
Heavy duty sustainability
High functionality

- Factory machined premium airless® tip ranges (Flat, reversible Tip Top and fine finishing Skill™)
- Capability of fast response times and high speed triggering
- The ASC is the lightest Stainless-steel gun on the market and decreases machine wear
- A mixture of technology and innovation for Optimal Airless® finishing

- Smart operation: trigger indicator located on back of gun
- Highly functional : ASC can work as a spraygun (4-a), a valve (dump, injection, circulation) (4-b), a fast color changer block (4-c) under very high pressure.
- Overall low maintenance costs with simple construction design (only 10 parts)
- The ASC is the smallest Airless® automatic gun on the market. Designed to reach recessed areas

- Two choices of cartridges available for various coatings: PTFE or V-seal (GT), which prevents leaks
- Optional cartridge lubrication for long-term use (especially for UV curing paints)
- Complete Stainless-steel construction and compatible with most coatings

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