ASB Automatic Airless® Spray Gun

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ASB Automatic Airless® Spray Gun

The ASB automatic spray gun offers superior atomization whatever the line speed thanks to perfect balance between high pressure and high flow rate. It offers precise application - coating applied directly on the target - due to fast response time.


Premium Airless application
The lightest automatic Airless gun of the market
Low maintenance cost of ownership

- Easy offer, the same gun works in Ω or T version by adding one plug
- Fast response time and High Speed cycling capability
- The ASB gun is the lightest gun on the market decreasing paint machine wear
- Compact design for easy integration

- Full versatility with other SAMES KREMLIN spray guns, only 4 screws to remove
- Smart operation: trigger indicator located on back of gun
- Wide range of tips available (Flat, reversible Tip Top and fine finishing Skill™)
- Easy maintenance with simple construction (only 14 parts) for an overall low maintenance costs

- Two choices of cartridges, PTFE or V-seal energized (also called GT), prevents leakage
- Optional cartridge lubrication for long term usage
- Compatibility with full range of bases
- Anodized body for excellent wear resistance
- Stainless steel fluid passages for full compatibility with most coatings

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