A35 HTi Automatic Airspray Spray Gun

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A35 HTi Automatic Airspray Spray Gun

This automatic low pressure spray gun presents a modular design to fine-tune the fan width, moreover its HTI technology is the perfect mix between HPA high production rate and HVLP outstanding finish quality.

High transfer efficiency (up to 72%)
Good finish quality
Modular design & high reliability

- Index knob adjustments of fluid output allows for precise output accuracy
- Fan width control delivers a high quality finish & fan pattern optimization
- Precise machining of aircap delivers rigid fan control

- Reduced overspray delivers fast ROI (Return on Investment) & material savings
- 0-90° indexed aircap enables easy & fast re-adjustment of fan pattern
- Easy assembly with only 4 screws for reduced downtime
- Side output for easy mounting on automatic systems
- Rear output for easy set-up in robotic applications
- Circulation only in base in order to reduce pressure loss in the circulating system

- Guaranteed needle sealing by self-adjusting cartridge
- Hard treated needle & wetted parts in stainless steel or treated stainless steel for increased lifetime
- Reduced overspray decreases spray booth maintenance
- Brass nickel plated aircap ensures high resistance to water-based materials

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