A28 HPA Automatic Airspray Spray Gun

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A28 HPA Automatic Airspray Spray Gun

The automatic A28 low pressure spray gun benefits from the patented Superlife technology, recommended for enamels, high solids & solvent-free materials and strongly improving the wet parts lifetime.

High transfer efficiency
Outstanding finish quality
Designed for high solids & solvent-free materials

- Index knob adjustments of fluid output allows for precise output accuracy
- Fan width control delivers a high quality finish & fan pattern optimization
- Precise machining of aircap delivers rigid fan control

- Reduced overspray delivers fast ROI (Return on Investment) & material savings
- Separate fan width & atomization air adjustments
- Optimized inlet & outlet fluid ports for high viscosity materials

- Patented SuperLife diaphragm (without packings)
- Hardened stainless steel nozzle with removable polyurethane end needle

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