40F100 Airless® Flowmax® Pump - Stainless Steel

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40F100 Airless® Flowmax® Pump - Stainless Steel

This Flowmax® pump is recommended for feeding 2 guns.

Flowmax® technology for zero maintenance
Designed for moisture-sensitive and abrasive materials
Extended lifetime

- High output to feed several guns in circulation
- High suction power for materials up to 4,000 cps
- Turbo air motor also available for continuous 24/7 use

- Flowmax® Bellows technology provides total sealing & is dust free - no lubricant cup
- Ideal for moisture-sensitive catalyst and UV products

- Triple chrome piston and cylinder, stainless steel ball & carbide seat for long term use
- Sleek design with fewer parts - inversion system provides a fast changeover for constant material delivery
- Bellows lifetime 10,000,000 cycles - up to 8 years

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