30C25 Airmix® Pump - Stainless Steel

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30C25 Airmix® Pump - Stainless Steel

This compact Airmix® paint pump is the ideal partner for your Airmix® spray guns providing exceptional finish quality & high transfer efficiency.

​Efficiency - perfect for Airmix® finish
Optimization - built with minimal parts
Simplicity - lowest cost of ownership

- Constant and pulse-free delivery for superior finish
- Priming at very low air pressures (0.6 bar)

- Large foot valve to handle high viscosity materials (up to 5,000 cPs)
- A closed construction prevents risk of injuries & protects lubricant from external contamination
- Easy, rotatable outlet fitting for quick maintenance
- Designed to eliminate dead zones and facilitate pump priming & flushing
- Leak monitoring vent hole for fast control
- Quiet air motor - low noise

- Air motor (45% less spare parts vs competitors for maintenance)
- Differential air motor keeps paint pump from frosting over
- Ultra coated plugger for less friction & improved abrasion resistance
- Single GT seal to avoid throat packing maintenance & low friction, large lubricant wet cup

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