17F60 Airmix® Flowmax® Pump - Stainless Steel

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17F60 Airmix® Flowmax® Pump - Stainless Steel

Flowmax® lub free technology ensures total sealing and reliability. Quick pump reversing allows a perfectly stable fan and flow rate. Recommended for one to three Airmix® guns operation.

Unique Flowmax® Bellows technology
Extended lifetime
Easy maintenance

- Stainless steel wetted parts makes pump compatible with large range of materials
- Uses latest air motor technology for quiet operation
- Floating piston reduces material shear

- Flowmax® technology for maintenance-free service - no lubricating cup
- Floating piston technology for increased seal life
- External valve assemble for easy, quick access & fast service

- Flowmax® Bellows technology delivers extended lifetime & reliability(patented lifetime up to 10.000.000 cycles)

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