04D140 Airspray Diaphragm Pump

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04D140 Airspray Diaphragm Pump

The 04D140 pneumatic, double diaphragm pump is designed for low-pressure circulating systems with a ratio of 3.5:1. These pumps will deliver high performance and durability.


Perfect for frequent color changes
Reliable and durable
Low cost of ownership

Perfect for frequent color changes
Reliable and durable
Low cost of ownership
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1 Low shear technology due to diaphragm short stroke
2 Compact, light and modular for easy integration
♦ Low noise pollution due to cutting edge design with integrated silencer

1 High flow rate due to a short-stroke high frequency diaphragm
♦ Quick and easy flushing for fast and frequent color changes
♦ Easy flushing due to optimized designed fluid chamber
♦ Compatible with piggable circulation systems

2 Durable pump, all stainless steel body, ceramic pneumatic valve and long-lasting PTFE diaphragms
3 Advanced soft seat design minimizes paint shearing
♦ Low & easy maintenance (easy access to wearing parts, long-life diaphragm)

04D140 is the new pneumatic, double diaphragm pump from SAMES KREMLIN designed for low-pressure circulating systems, capable of feeding multiple guns. SAMES KREMLIN is proud to introduce the new 3.5:1 pump into our low-pressure range of pumps.

This pump benefits from a compact design making it very easy to integrate into paint systems.

Its advanced construction guarantees fast flushing making the pump perfectly adapted for fast color change systems.

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