02C85 Airspray Pump - Stainless Steel

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02C85 Airspray Pump - Stainless Steel

Thanks to its compacity, the 02C85 pump saves waste during flushing and quick color changes. The fluid section special design combined to GT seals allow priming at very low pressure for a large range of viscosities.

Compact Design: easy to integrate into a finish workshop
Rugged - high sealing capacity seals: compatible with a wide range of materials
Can be used on a heated circulation system

- Chrome treated stainless steel for an improved abrasion resistance and low friction
- Quiet and balanced air motor for a constant delivery
- Easy priming/flushing thanks to pump priming at very low air pressure

- Less friction
- Large foot valve to handle material viscosity up to 2 000 cPs
- Designed to eliminate dead zone: facilitates priming and flushing and prevents any product loss

- Reliable air motor: 45% less spare parts than competitors
- Optimized fluid section: 50% less parts than competitors
- Treated stainless steel fluid section: compatible with water-based materials
- Closed construction for protection against dust and operator safety
- Optimum seal performance: upper spring loaded GT packing + PTFEG polyfluid seal
- Use of a single GT seal: no throat packing maintenance and lower friction

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