01D100 Prima Airspray Diaphragm Pump

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01D100 Prima Airspray Diaphragm Pump

Prima 01D100 is a 1:1 ratio double diaphragm pump to feed your manual and automatic spray systems in the general industry markets.

Pulsation free with Regpro solution for high finishing results
Robust & durable design
User friendly

- Large 1/2 BSPP suction inlet to increase the suction power
- Foot assembly for stable installation during application and maintenance
- PTFE diaphragms for standard application or PU diaphragms for abrasive materials application

- 90° adjustable fluid inlet and outlet
- New air distributor with protected seals and spring loaded to avoid stalling
- Compatible with water-based and solvent-based materials
- Minimum dead zone for better flushing and cleaning

- Aluminum central body with impregnated resin to avoid corrosion
- Robust construction: fluid collectors and flanges in polypropylene with 30% carbon fiber
- Low noise for more comfort of use

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