PDM175 Transfer Airspray Diaphragm Pump

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PDM175 Transfer Airspray Diaphragm Pump

PDM 175 is a large capacity diaphragm pump, it is ideal for low pressure circulatings and feeding automatic guns.

Doubled flow rate compared to other diaphragm pumps
Simple design: easy maintenance and servicing
Compact diaphragm technology: constant and pulse-free delivery for superior finish
PTFE diaphragm: compatible with most water-based materials

- Ultimate pump for circulating due to it increased flow per cycle
- Compatible with water-based materials due to the PTFE diaphragm

- Used on a wide range of materials with viscosities up to 2,000 cps
- Less waste during flushing to prevent any product loss
- Simple design for easy operation and maintenance

- PTFE diaphragm

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