ATX Automatic Airmix® Spray Gun

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ATX Automatic Airmix® Spray Gun

The automatic ATX Airmix® spraying gun ensures high level performance with unsurpassed finish spraying quality due to Airmix® technology; recommended for applying UV products.

High transfer efficiency (up to 86%*)
Excellent atomization quality
Modular design & extremely reliable

- Dual spring mounted outside fluid passage allows for opening air before atomizing fluid for better spraying fan quality
- BX16 (adjustable spray) or BX116 (fix spray) & a large offering of fine finish and Xtra™ fine finish spray tips
- Extreme accuracy of film build tolerance

- Easy assembly & disassembly for easy servicing with only 4 bolts
- Circulation in the base enables less pressure loss in circulation system
- Circulation in the gun delivers faster, improved flushing with a limited volume of solvent sprayed into the machine or spray booth

- Wetted parts in stainless steel, treated stainless steel & rulon for better durability
- Extented lifetime with most coatings
- Automatic spray gun has stainless steel passage that is compatible with a large range of products (solvent-based & water-based)

* ± 2% according to EN 13966-1 norm

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